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Why won’t my moving company move these?

The day of your big move is fast approaching and now you’re faced with the daunting task of packing everything up to get ready for your move.

moving box

You’ve sold as much stuff as you could and given away a-plenty. Now, you’re left with the things you feel you MUST have at your new place.


But, is it as easy as just packing everything up into boxes and when the big day comes, everything is just moved seamlessly? 


For the most part, it would and should be that easy if you hire a good, reputable moving company. However, did you know that there are some items that professional movers will NOT move for you?


Save yourself the hassle and surprise by reading on to find out what you should NOT be packing in with your boxes. And, it’s always smart to contact your moving company ahead of time to ask them for a list of their prohibited items, as it can vary from company to company.


Items that most moving companies will refuse to move include:


Hazardous Materials & Flammable items:

This may seem intuitive, but you’d be surprised by what people won’t consider as ‘hazardous’. Many professional movers will refuse to move these items for safety reasons, so be sure you either dispose of these before your move, or find a way to transport them to your next location, yourself.


Corrosive, flammable or explosive materials could include:

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Gasoline
  • Car batteries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Nail polish and polish remover
  • Paints


One thing to note is if you’re moving a lawnmower, you should drain the gas from the tank before the movers load it into their trucks


Perishable food items

Imagine you’re moving a long distance and you have some perishable foods sitting in the moving truck for days. Well, eventually those foods will start to rot and probably cause bad odours to be released amongst all your other things. Not to mention, insects and rats being attracted to these foods, and what happens if it starts to get moldy? You’re going to have one big messy surprise when you go to open those boxes. Can you see why moving companies would refuse to move these items?


So avoid packing any kind of foods and just try to consume them before you move or give them away.


Plants and Animals

No matter how well behaved your fur-baby may be, or how robust your plant is, moving companies will not transport them because moving trucks can get very hot or cold inside, depending on the weather – not ideal conditions for a living thing (not to mention, no food or water). 


Also, if you’re moving across borders, there could be laws prohibiting certain plants due to the risk of introducing potentially harmful bugs or diseases. So the best thing to do is get rid of all your plants and transport your pet yourself.


Personal Valuables

If something should happen during the move that causes damage or loss of valuables, it would be devastating to you. Some items just aren’t replaceable and for that reason, most moving companies will refuse to move your valuables. 


Besides, wouldn’t you much rather move them yourself so you can keep an eye on them personally, at all times?  


Some of these things can include:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Legal or personal documents
  • Keys
  • Medicine


So, after reading the above list, you may be wondering why moving companies have these policies? Well, if something happens to your belongings during a move, most moving insurance companies won’t cover the damage or loss from hazardous materials. So, save yourself the headache and make sure you’re informed about what your moving company will or will not move.