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Piano Moving

a black piano and chair

Airdrie Movers is the best moving company in the Airdrie, Alberta area for both commercial and residential moves, but we’re not just able to handle moving boxes and furniture – we can help with the transportation of pianos from one site to the next. Pianos are obviously pretty unusually shaped, and they have a number of unique properties that make them a real challenge for a move. We can handle all sorts of instruments to the same high standard, and it will likely cost you much less than you’re anticipating. Your piano is likely full of sentimental value, and possibly a big passion for you, so it deserves the very best treatment – which is exactly what it’ll get from our team. If you’re looking to transport a piano either now or in the future, please consider our team at Airdrie Movers.

Types of Piano

When it comes to pianos, there are quite a few different types that are on the market. Modern and antique pianos might look relatively similar, but the build material and quality is something quite distinct. Additionally, there are multiple different kinds of piano – and we’re happy to move any of them. Grand pianos are the most expensive of these, and also generally the largest. They’re the most difficult to transport due to their shape, size, and delicate build. Upright pianos are probably the most common type of piano, and are still generally quite big, though less expensive than grand pianos. Last but not least comes the electric piano – this type of piano is most commonly used by beginners and on-the-move performers. Whatever kind of piano you have, it’ll be well-looked after by our team.

Specialised Equipment

Moving a piano isn’t like moving a box – it requires a tailored process. We have a range of specialist piano moving equipment in our locker, and this helps us to navigate the difficulties associated with the process. The transportation equipment that we have is adjustable as well – since pianos can vary in shape and dimension considerably – which means we’re well-prepared to handle really any kind of piano.

Value for Money

Pianos are very expensive items, and they need to be treated with a lot of care – and that is true for when they’re being transported too. Our moving service is professional quality, and very experienced, so you’re getting a first class service when you choose us – but you also won’t have to pay a fortune like you might expect. Our moving company offers unbelievable value for money, so there really aren’t any downsides to choosing our team.

Free Estimates

As mentioned previously, we offer unbeatable value for money and affordability with all of our services, but we understand that you might still want some further clarity before you commit to our company. We offer free estimates to our customers, so that they can have a clearer idea of what price they’re likely to have to pay for the piano that needs moving, and the distance that it’ll be transported.

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