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Long Distance Moving

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Moving can be a tough situation to handle. There are a huge number of changes to deal with, and uprooting your life can be a major stress – and these difficulties are only amplified when the move is taking place over a long distance. At Airdrie Movers, we do our utmost to make this entire process as straightforward and stress free as possible by deliver long distance moving service. Deciding to employ a long distance moving company is a big show of faith – you’re trusting the service to deliver your items to a location hundreds, or even thousands of kilometres away. This is why you need to use an experienced moving company, one that has demonstrated their reliability across a long period of time. Naturally, this is something that we’ve achieved at Airdrie Movers. For any long distance moving needs that you have going forward, consider using our professional movers.

Differing Distances

Many of the jobs that we take on are for short distance moves just within our local area, but there are certainly times when we find ourselves transporting a whole household of goods across an enormous distance. We’ve handled moves from one end of the country to the other, and this is something that we’re completely comfortable carrying out. We offer the same affordable service regardless of the distance that you need us to travel. If you’re considering a long distance request, we can provide a free estimate for you that will certainly demonstrate our great value.

Item Coverage

So, what kind of items can we transport for you? Whether we’re helping on a commercial or residential job, we’re happy to take pretty much any kind of item. Boxes full of household goods and clothes are common, but we’re also well-versed when it comes to the transportation of furniture and other large items. We have reliable, sturdy vehicles of varying sizes, and there’s certainly going to be one that’s well-suited to the items that you need shifted.

Specialist Items

While most of the long distance moving jobs that we handle are for residential moves – and that usually involves the carting of clothing, furniture, household appliances, and other typical residential items – they aren’t all. We’re able to transport specialist items which aren’t found in most properties, and their safe transportation is a service guarantee. We’re happy to move pianos, hot tubs, and any other large, unusual item that you might have in your possession. If you’re not sure whether our moving service will be able to assist you, our customer service team will gladly clear things up.

Storage Possibilities

There’s a good chance that, if you’re in the midst of a long distance move, it might suit you to have some items kept in storage until you’re ready to receive them at your new site. We have a range of storage facilities that will ensure your items are kept in the best possible condition, and that they’ll be secure. Our moving and storage service is comprehensive, which means it’s far cheaper to use our company for both services, rather than hiring separate entities.

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