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Moving is expensive!

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But, there are some easy things you can do to help minimize some of those costs. Here are 10 tricks to cutting costs on your next move, whether it’s big or small:

  1. Find free moving boxes – most moving companies will have boxes available for purchase, but why do that when you can easily go down to your grocery store and score a bunch of free boxes? You could also ask friends and family if anybody has any spare cardboard boxes they don’t need, and sometimes you can even find free boxes on your local Facebook buy and sell group.
  2. Be flexible with your move date or time – aim for off-peak times or seasons to book your move. Summer is the busiest and most expensive time to move, so if you can select a weekday in the middle of the month between Sept to May, then your rates could be cheaper!
  3. Get quotes from multiple movers – it’s always smart to shop around when it comes to services you need to purchase. Just remember that price isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a moving company. You should take into account their reputation and whether they are licensed and insured as well.
  4. Pack everything yourself – while some moving companies offer full-service moves where they help you pack and move everything so you don’t have to lift a finger, you’ll also be paying a premium for these types of services. If you can do the packing yourself, (with your own boxes), you’ll be saving yourself a bundle.
  5. Examine your contract carefully – is it an hourly rate or flat rate? What’s the minimum to start with and how many movers will you get? Are their trucks adequate enough to move all your stuff? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you sign anything because it could impact how much you end up paying at the end of your move. Some moving companies even charge by weight, so be sure you read your contract carefully to know what’s included in the price you’re quoted.
  6. Ask friends to help DIY move – If you’re not moving to a different city or country, then enlisting the help of friends could be an ultra wallet-friendly option. You might just have to fork out some money for a pizza party at the end, but that would definitely be cheaper than hiring professional movers. Just be cognizant of the fact that your friends probably aren’t insured against any damages caused during the move, so be sure to factor that in too!
  7. Deduct moving expenses from your taxes – in Canada, if you received a reimbursement or allowance from your employer for moving expenses, you can claim the deduction on your taxes. Please consult the CRA website for full rules. 
  8. Purge before packing – there’s no point in moving things that you no longer want or need. Try having a garage sale before your move to get rid of as many unwanted items as you can and donate what you can’t sell. This will save you both time and money before your move.
  9. Make sure you’re organized on the other end – label the rooms of your new home and also label your moving boxes so that the movers know exactly where to place your boxes or items. This saves you a ton of time when it comes to sorting and unpacking your things after your move, and you know what they say about time and money!
  10. Ship your books – sometimes shipping books through your local mail carrier can be cheaper than getting the professional movers to move the items. It just might take a while to get to their final destination, but if you don’t mind the wait, it might be worth looking into!


Most importantly, try to plan your move as far in advance as possible. It will give you time to get organized and shop around for the best movers